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    Top 5 Office Furniture Products of 2020

    Post by CDI Spaces
    August 18, 2021
    Top 5 Office Furniture Products of 2020

    With recent events changing the way we work; our offices are likely beginning to look much different than they did at the beginning of the year. 2020 has introduced new ways of working, placing a greater emphasis on fluid working environments but one thing has remained constant – the need for office workers to get the full value out of their working space.  Agile working and hybrid working are on the rise as organizations are looking for ways to incorporate working remotely and working from home in the “new normal” era. CDI Spaces has been supporting and evolving with these dynamic ways of working over the past years, and we have dedicated ourselves to researching and understanding what makes employees motivated and refreshed in a space. We recently sat down with Derek Burrowes, our Corporate Furniture Specialist, to pull together a list of our top five office products that have been shown to increase focus, productivity, and efficiency. 

    The Allsteel Altitude A8 Desk

    The A8 desk is one of our top sellers in workstation productivity and ergonomic design. Integrated with wire management and a variety of privacy screens, the A8 is our all-in-one solution for any office configuration, especially in a time where we are seeing a higher priority on modular designs. The A8 places an emphasis on designing elements that move and conform with its user—with the screens secured on to the desk, you can choose to sit or stand at this desk, without sacrificing the needed degree of privacy and separation.  

    We also understand that different degrees of privacy are needed for different professions. If your profession requires ongoing collaboration and ideation, you have the option to install straight, side to side panels to allow lateral communication. Also available are L-shaped panels for aisle workstations, and full, U-shaped panelling for a full, 270-degree enclosure.  

    Additional features include the hidden cord management system, which leaves your wires tucked away underneath the desk in a compact manner. While available in a variety of finishes, the A8 desk can be custom ordered with rounded corners, to provide a softer design and a more ergonomic configuration for your spaces. 



    The HON Ignition Chair

    With all the time we spend sitting in front of our computers (at least 8 hours per day), choosing the right chair has tremendous impacts on our posture, health, and productivity. It would be a big mistake if we did not include the HON Ignition Chair in the list of our top five corporate office products this year. 

     It is a great ergonomic task chair that supports everybody’s type, work style, and office activity. “Affordable and customizable comfort” are the words we want to give for the Ignition Chair. It has three adjustable back heights, two seat sizes, and four arm styles that fit the 5th or the 95th percentile. In addition, its three tilt controls allow you to adjust the chair easily for collaboration and individual tasks. When it comes to price, the HON Ignition Chair is a great solution for organizations that have a small budget, while wanting to provide their employees with high-quality, well-designed, and health-supportive furniture. Available in assorted colour combinations, you can customize mesh, upholstered or ReActiv backs to fit with your overall corporate branding and preferences.  


    Artopex Lockers

    Providing locker storage for employees is highly recommended to organizations that are looking to move to a hybrid working model for safety and hygiene reasons. Artopex Lockers is one of our favourite furniture as it comes with a variety of sizes, colours, and configurations for different uses and spaces, with or without doors. You can group them along a wall, or at the end of benching tables, and even create a collaboration island. 

    Not only does it impress the users with versatility, but also the security. You do not have to worry too much that someone may know your password, as the combination of the Noki electronic locking system for lockers automatically resets after each use. 


    Allsteel Park Planters

    Having been working from home and confined to four walls make you miss nature. With a minimal, sleek design, Park Planter is a great item to have if you are thinking to incorporate some plants into your office. It comes in varied sizes and heights, allowing you to be creative with different indoor plants. Moreover, it has also been used as an accessory for offices to store books, office documents, as well as cleaning supplies.  


    Hotbox 2

    For office fashion aficionados, Hotbox 2 is a must for their office bag collections this year. It is expertly designed for office workers who want to have the flexibility to work at whatever desk they want, while still having their essentials at hand. 

    Speaking of optimum organization, the bag has plenty of space with two main sections. The larger compartment can hold a 13-inch laptop, notebook, books, etc., while the front section has a whiteboard to let you make quick notes on the go.  

    Working remotely means multiple digital devices, on top of pens and papers that we must carry at a time to move from one place to another. Also, take into consideration, the HotBox 2 comes with two removable pen pots and a phone/tablet stand. Not only that, but the handle is carefully designed with a soft grip and an optional shoulder strap, allowing you to easily take your HotBox 2 anywhere.  

    Last but not least, it has a sense of personalization and familiarity that we all crave when working remotely: the feeling of sitting at a desk decorated with our personal items. The well-thought-out design of HotBox 2 makes sure you can feel at home while working remotely, as it has an a-built-in business card holder, a slide-on photo frame for your photos with friends, families, and pets, and a lot of space for small, sensational items like plants or your kid’s crafts.  


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