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Fostering Collaboration Through Immersive Spaces

We strive to ensure the learners and educators in the spaces we help you develop have what they need to succeed. Imagine creating spaces for learners to collaborate and learn in all environments, what new ideas can be shared and enhanced that have not been developed yet? Students who may not normally interact start a discussion in a collision space and have a breakthrough idea, form a lifelong bond or learn something that sends them on a new path in life. We truly believe in creating collaborative spaces for the next generation.


student area

Student Areas

Learning is not restricted to a desk or even a certain space anymore. Lounges, hallways, and other informal areas can and should be used for much more than a corridor for students to move from point A to point B. Utilizing in-between spaces allows individuals and groups to adapt these multipurpose learning environments to their needs.

Learning Spaces

Providing students with workspace options that suit their needs. Private cubicles offer areas for quiet reflection and are suitable for focused studying. “Alone Together” workstations with convenient laptop tables and built-in plugins deliver similar benefits while allowing students to feel visually connected to their peers.

learning spaces
faculty areas

Faculty Areas

Staff areas are multi-use and dynamic, supporting the staff and students who need to meet in the spaces. Private offices allow staff to work privately, or meet with students and other staff. Collaborative spaces for idea sharing and meetings, adaptable for small presentations or large gatherings, and also places to unwind and recharge.

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