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Join Us And Do Work That Matters

We are a team of unique individuals dedicated to Creating Spaces and Transforming Lives.  

Empowering people to do their best work by creating spaces that transform lives.

Culture is the heart of our foundation. We strive to have a strong and supportive culture, investing in people so we can invest in our community. Our ambition is to use our collective experience to create stronger communities. 

Organizations trust CDI to help them create spaces that transform lives. Collaboration and knowledge sharing is at the core of our design approach. We share what we know with each other, with our peers, and with our communities to foster an involved culture.

Our Values

Our values guide everything that we do, internally in our company’s operations and externally in the communities in which we serve.

Dare To Care
All the details matter and are an important part of ensuring that both customers and employees have an amazing experience working with us. We keep our word, find solutions, and never settle for good enough.  Tomorrow is an opportunity to do and be better, and we always take the opportunity when it presents itself.
Progress Over Perfection
Daily, we take purposeful actions to move the company forward and strive to push the limits of what is possible.  It is fine to fail, together we will find a solution.  It is ok to be wrong, together we will make it right.  We know what we do matters and show up every day with a smile.
We Not Me
Respectful conversation with the intent to understand rather than be understood is the cornerstone of our success.  This is a place where people find meaning, develop themselves, and provide for their families.  Asking for help and rolling up your sleeves to assist someone else are two things we expect from everyone who works here.
Built For Connection
Our teams are made up of diverse people who do not care about titles or status; we care that everyone has a story, talent, and ambition.  We work here for the team, our clients, and the impact we have in the community, not just for a pay cheque.  Everyone respects each other for who they are and takes the time to build meaningful relationships throughout the company.

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138-885 42 Ave SE, 
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3989 Henning Dr #111
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