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    Modern Office Design Trends

    Post by CDI Spaces
    August 18, 2021
    Modern Office Design Trends

    The workforce is changing hands, and a new generation of digital learners and workers are informing how modern offices reflect the individual identity and company culture. Workspaces that promote strong mental health can have a strategic impact on success. Happy workers equal productive workers. And productive workers thrive in environments that encourage collaboration and creativity – adding up to a positive effect on your bottom line.

    “Office design trends have evolved tremendously over the past few years,” explains Donloree Hoffman, Human Resources Manager for CDI Spaces. “Modern office designs now offer flexible spaces for movement to match the employee needs – and complement contemporary design of flagship investments.”

    Since the average employee spends eight hours a day in an office, it only makes sense to offer your team a pleasant and nurturing experience instead of burning them out. Try these tips and best practices for adapting modern office trends for spaces that can integrate into businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    Modular Furniture

    Utilize office space with innovative modular furniture and deliver a tailored workstation design within tight footprints. Modular furniture does more than dictate how equipment and work areas are arranged – it puts you in control. It also incorporates a different finish to enhance the aesthetic.

    Bright and Efficient

    Although not a true trend, open-format offices are becoming increasingly popular as more and more technology start-ups and leading-edge real estate developers dot the horizon. By maximizing space and balancing visual and acoustic privacy, team members can freely collaborate and promote innovative ideas. Team members want to come to work and feel part of something larger than them – your open office design is a chance to show everyone else why your brand is important to the world.

    Co-working Spaces are Booming

    These workspaces are a natural evolution of traditional office space designs. Popularized by tech start-ups, co-working spaces normally joined multiple companies under one roof – but also operated in separate silos and often in isolation. The new version tears down the walls and positions companies to share the same space, resources, and occasionally even the same talent. Key characteristics can include an open plan design with dynamic, multi-use meeting areas, as well as unconventional creative spaces.

    Accelerating Success

     The core features of modern office designs all share the goal of maximizing collaboration, creativity, flexibility, and innovation. All exquisitely wrapped up in stunning show suites or flagship buildings. These trends also share some of the same design tendencies associated with large corporate offices in Silicon Valley. Many creative ideas came to light in those very same productive environments.

    Are you interested in learning how our office furniture solutions can adapt to your changing needs and accelerate your success? Try our 3D approach to discover, design, and deliver.


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