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    Interior Design

    Sensory Processing Issues in the Classroom 101

    Imagine sitting outside in a quiet area when suddenly a truck drives by with its stereo blasting, then a dog runs up to you ...

    Top Interior Design Trends for the 2022 Classroom 

    Student engagement ranks at the top of the list as the most common pain point in education today. Motivating students and ...

    Office Furniture for Introverts & Extroverts

    More and more companies nowadays have torn down walls, eliminated private offices, and replaced cubicles with open and ...

    Hybrid Work – The Future of Remote Work

    Time and money saved on commuting while dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic can’t compensate for what’s lost in team ...

    Setting Up a Home Office

    For the foreseeable future, working between the corporate and home office is projected to be the new normal. Remote working ...

    Working From Home in Comfort

    Like it or not, home offices are projected to be our sanctuary for the short term, and possibly long term, as well as ...

    Enhancing the Online Learning Experience During School Shutdowns

    With the abrupt impacts of COVID-19, entire school systems have been pushed to move academic curriculums online overnight. ...

    Wellness Considerations for Working from Home

    By Dr. Lauren Gant, PhD, CPE, WELL AP, Human Factors & Ergonomics Manager, Allsteel

    Technology & The Agile Workplace: Driving Change

    Two major drivers are changing the ways that we work in the 21st century: Technological advancements and the shift towards ...

    Reducing Distractions and Disruptions at Your Workstation

    As open workspace concepts replace traditional office settings, more and more businesses look for solutions to address the ...


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