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    March 23, 2023
    Articles By CDI Spaces

    2024 Classroom Design Trends: Shaping the Future of Learning Through Sustainability, Effective Classroom Seating Arrangements, and More

    As we step into a pivotal year for classroom design trends, schools are redefining learning spaces and finding innovative ...

    4 Steps to Perfecting Classroom Seating Arrangements for Effective Learning

    Theater-esque seating locks students into static seating arrangements and is, unfortunately, still the norm in most schools. ...

    St. Thomas Aquinas School: A Space to Succeed

    With a history of implementing student-centered design and a track record of transforming customer vision into reality, CDI ...

    Voyageur Values: How École Champs Vallée Transformed a Vision

    When the newly constructed École Champs Vallée School in Beaumont, Alberta was originally slated for construction, the ...

    Mastering Classroom Management: Strategies and Design Techniques That Transform Learning

    Classroom management has transformed the world of education, enhancing the academic journey for millions of students. In ...

    Creating Classroom Capacity: The Role of Furniture and Design

    It’s back-to-school season, bringing a September brimming with the busy scramble of new routines. Both students and teachers ...

    Imagine High School: A WONDERful Place To Learn

    In just its second year of operation, Imagine High School in Chilliwack, British Columbia is already impacting how students ...

    Learning is Everywhere: Thinking Outside the Classroom

    In 2020, Huntsville School was facing a challenge. With a new school building nearing completion, and a desire to ensure the ...

    When It Comes to Student Outcomes, Does Class Size Matter?

    Classroom size has been a hot topic recently as schools face record-breaking enrollment numbers. As schools brace for more ...

    Empowering Learners Through Student-Centered Design

    As technologies have advanced, so too have the innovative ways in which students learn. Gone are the days of reading from a ...


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