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    Education Furniture

    Game-Changing Design: How CDI Furnished Keyano College’s SMG Esports Arena for Peak Performance

    In recent years, college sports have evolved to include a new dynamic genre of competition—Esports. As tournaments and ...

    Optimizing Employee Wellbeing and Productivity with Strategic Furniture Design

    Pressure isn't just an ineffective method for boosting productivity and focus in the workplace—it's arguably one of the ...

    Embracing Ergonomic and Modern Office Furniture for Today’s Hybrid Workspace

    Rigid furniture is reaching retirement as the modern office environment morphs into a hybrid mecca. Transcending mere ...

    A Changing Landscape: How Adaptive Furniture Solutions Can Liberate Learning in Your School

    The educational landscape is rapidly evolving and increasingly tech-laden. This development doesn't have to mean students ...

    St. Thomas Aquinas School: A Space to Succeed

    With a history of implementing student-centered design and a track record of transforming customer vision into reality, CDI ...

    Voyageur Values: How École Champs Vallée Transformed a Vision

    When the newly constructed École Champs Vallée School in Beaumont, Alberta was originally slated for construction, the ...

    Creating Classroom Capacity: The Role of Furniture and Design

    It’s back-to-school season, bringing a September brimming with the busy scramble of new routines. Both students and teachers ...

    Empowering Learners Through Student-Centered Design

    As technologies have advanced, so too have the innovative ways in which students learn. Gone are the days of reading from a ...

    Creating Flexible Learning Environments Where Students Can Succeed

    It used to be that prior to the age of 18, young people would spend half their lives in school. These days, classrooms have ...

    How to Use Learning Styles to Set Students Up for Success

    Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Do you notice that you have preferred ways of intaking information, ...


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