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    Thank you, Educators! 

    Post by CDI Spaces Inc.
    June 27, 2022
    Thank you, Educators! 

    This year more than ever, we are so thankful for the outstanding work of our education community. The pandemic is finally over, and students have completed a full year of in-class learning. Teaching is a challenging profession that was made even more difficult this year because many students needed encouragement and time allowance to remember how to engage with their peers in person, focus academically, get used to structured days, and re-learn many of the classroom rules.  

    We know you have selflessly put your health, safety, and in some cases, your sanity, at risk. You’ve done this purely for the betterment of your students to provide a healthy, safe, and supportive environment. It took courage to show up every day, and we want to reiterate how much we thank you for all your hard work. Please know we recognize and appreciate it. 

    Building Resilience in Our Students

    What would our children have done without you this year? When students needed your help readjusting, you showed up. Your persistence and determination to ensure all learners were set up to succeed were very apparent. The student population, their parents, and we at CDI Spaces appreciate all the support, flexibility, and adaptability you showed this year.


    You have strengthened our understanding of what teaching is and deepened our appreciation of your work in educating, empowering, and improving students’ lives. You are approachable, empathetic, and patient, displaying an enduring and infectious love of learning.


    It can’t have been easy, but through your actions, you unknowingly taught students what resilience is and how they could become so themselves. We recognize you were stretched thin this year. More students than usual needed extra attention solidifying lessons in their minds as they may have fallen behind academically and developmentally. On top of that, many children had to redevelop peer-to-peer relationships with classmates after a year and a half of social isolation. You were a necessary facilitator in ensuring the process went smoothly.  


    What an excellent example you set for all our children; it should not be understated just how important your role was this year. Being able to handle challenges and thrive despite them is a skill and effective tool you taught students and will benefit them through all stages of their lives and respective careers.  


    Recharge Over the Summer


    You indeed went above and beyond the call of duty. You’ve dedicated time, energy, and creativity to ensure your students had a successful year. Please make time for yourself to reflect on everything that’s happened in your classroom, and celebrate the important moments, both big and small. The world needs teachers, and teaching is hard.

    From all of us at CDI, thank you! We are always here to help in any way we can. Our purpose is Creating Spaces. Transforming lives. This purpose truly drives everything we do and is why we get up in the morning. Like you, we are acutely aware of our importance to student education. The lives we touch, change, impact, and transform today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

    Lastly, be sure to take time for yourselves over the summer break. You’ve worked hard all year and deserve time to recharge your own batteries. We hope the weather is beautiful and you enjoy the time you get to spend with friends and family. We will see you next year, teachers! 


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