What is a Makerspace?

In a time when much knowledge is consumed, a Makerspace gives children the opportunity to learn through exploration and creation. The space gives students the tools and materials needed to create, explore, tinker, invent, and move from consumption to creation for physical hands-on learning.

Why does furniture matter? Adaptable furniture solutions support the environment for Student-Centered Learning, supporting the learner, giving them the tools and equipment they need for the various tasks and types of study/ work, and encouraging space for each student to learn in their optimal way.

Having dedicated spaces within a school allows for proper tools and safety equipment to be stored and readily available, while also creating a separation of tasks. These options are not always available.

The Ed Table Minimizes the logistics and clean-up of a traditional space for project-based learning. Easily moving around the classroom as needed, and stored away when not.

The Rover Table is built to be mobile and adaptable to any space, no matter the limitation. It is a complete package, allowing it to be brought out when needed, and safely stored when not in use. It houses all tools and functions for a fun and creative experience.

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