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What is a Learning Commons?

The library has always been an important part of the school and learning culture.  The evolution into the Learning Commons is meeting student’s needs today and will continue to adapt for tomorrow, making them an important hub of the school. It allows students to mix and learn from others they may not normally interact with, giving them stronger diversity in thoughts and idea-sharing. 

Why does furniture matter? Adaptable furniture solutions support the environment for Student-Centered Learning, supporting the learner, giving them the tools and equipment they need for the various tasks and types of study/work, and encouraging space for each student to learn in their optimal way.

Soft seating solutions are wonderful for both individual and small or large group work. They are flexible and can be configured in many ways and come in an abundance of styles and colors. They give students a natural collaboration area while very comfortable, allowing children to relax and work as best suits them.

Activity tables come in a very wide variety of sizes, shapes, and options. They are extremely flexible and moveable to adapt and transform the space as tasks transform and progress.

Study corrals give learners a head-down focused space to work independently and distraction-free with the added benefit of acoustic sound baffling. This means your space is dynamic and suits many students and tasks learning simultaneously in contrast to a traditional quieter and independent library.

Along with study corrals, reading corners offer a similar approach for quiet independent discovery and reading while allowing for many configurations and comforts for the individual learner.

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