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Learning Commons

Student-focused furniture solutions to ensure every learner is equipped to succeed and thrive.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is the evolution of the traditional stationary library, both physically and digitally. The Learning Commons has evolved to be a flexible and adaptable place of discovery, innovation, and collaboration, which leads students to a greater level of engagement in their learning through exploration, experimentation, and connection beyond the classroom.

learning commons Evolution of the space


Evolution Of The Space

The library has always been an important part of the school and learning culture.  The new evolution to the Learning Commons is meeting student’s needs today and will continue to adapt for tomorrow, making them an important hub of the school. It allows students to mix and learn from others they may not normally interact with, giving them stronger diversity in thoughts and idea-sharing.


Flexible Solutions

Furniture solutions that are adaptable and student-focused allow students to change and grow the space as required. Groups can form to share new and diverse ideas. Quiet reading nooks with acoustics allow a learner to dive into the material at their own pace.

learning commons, flexible solutions
Learning commons, creative environments


Creative Environments

Using elements like soft seating solutions are wonderful for both individual and small or large group work. They are flexible and can be configured in many ways and come in an abundance of styles and colors. They give students a natural collaboration area while very comfortable, allowing children to relax and work as best suited to the task. 


Specific Learning

Learning Commons are adaptable to all types of learning styles.  Students can interact and collaborate with others they do not have daily interaction with while also being flexible and allow independent learners a head-down focused space to work, distraction-free, while allowing for many configurations and comforts.

Learning commons specific learning

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