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    The 3 Key Steps to Creating a Learning Commons

    Post by CDI Spaces
    December 6, 2021
    The 3 Key Steps to Creating a Learning Commons

    As we have discussed in a previous blog here on “What is a Learning Commons”, or the evolution of the modern library, the next question is: how do we make a space that is flexible and adaptable, a place of discovery, innovation, and collaboration to help engage learning with peers, beyond the classroom, and to explore and connect?

    Every space, budget, and group is different. In this blog we will outline 3 key components to creating an engaging Learning Commons on any budget, in any size room, for any age group, to help you develop your space.

    The library has always been an important part of the school and learning culture, the new evolution to the Learning Commons is meeting student’s needs today and will continue to adapt for tomorrow, making them an important hub of the school.

    Every Learning Commons should have spaces for individual work, small group, and large group collaboration. Creating flexible soft seating options allows students to reconfigure the space as needed and as tasks change.

    Each space needs to be flexible to allow users to rearrange according to their needs. Desks and tables that can fit together to creating larger learning spaces or stand up collaborative areas are great to engage students. Learning Commons allow children who are not always working together to engage and learn from one another. Giving them a space they feel comfortable transforming is key to taking ownership over their own learning. 

    Learning Commons need to foster creativity, be engaging and inspiring. A comfortable place students feel equipped and supported in will allow them to learn as they need, and best utilize the space. A fundamental principal of a Learning Commons is equipping students with what they need to succeed and learn. Allowing them to interact with peers, and work in their own way gives them the tools they will need for future education and the skills they will need going forward in life. 

    These spaces truly are the hub of the school, but not all schools have the dedicated resources or space to retrofit their library or extend past the limited space they already have. Any space can become a Learning Commons with the right tools and philosophies.

    We would love to discuss more on what solutions you need to elevate your space for the next generation of learners.

    Post by CDI Spaces
    December 6, 2021


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