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    Empower Special Education Students with an Inclusive Classroom Design

    Post by CDI Spaces
    August 18, 2021
    Empower Special Education Students with an Inclusive Classroom Design


    Creating a positive and successful learning experience for students with special needs is just as critical as that of their peers.

    It starts with creating a learning environment that is not only physically inclusive but also facilitates academic growth and success. Learning styles and teaching strategies also need to be adapted in kind so that students with special education needs are empowered to learn alongside their peers and contribute to the class in beneficial and constructive ways.

    Children with special needs have specific support and therapy needs that regular school furniture is unable to accommodate. Their positioning needs are unique to the way each of their bodies develop and requires adaptable, active furniture that provides options for movement and increased comfort to keep them engaged and happy.

    Four Ways to Design an Inclusive Classroom

    Well-Defined Areas

    Creating a learning environment to accommodate students with special needs requires organized, well-defined areas and flexible furniture that allows for positive learning.

    Sensory areas, active seating areas, along with more secluded areas for quiet time if needed, should all be part of an inclusive learning environment.

    Active Seating

    Offering active seating in the classroom is a great way to support students with special needs.

    Depending on the needs of the individual child, teachers can provide active seating options such as rockers, ball chairs, and rocker boards to keep students with learning or developmental issues engaged.

    Active seating means better student attention, less restlessness, and increased classroom participation.

    Rocker Chairs

    Rockers combine gentle movement and flexible support to help children channel excess energy into classroom endeavours.

    Ergonomically designed with gentle, flexible support, rockers encourage healthy movement and a moderate range of motion

    Floor Rockers

    For some students and tasks, sitting low to the ground may be just what is needed to create a comfortable and effective learning environment.

    Sturdy and safe, Floor Rockers feature subtle back and forth motion, offering an ergonomic alternative for floor seating.


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