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    Imagine High School: A WONDERful Place To Learn

    Imagine High School: A WONDERful Place To Learn

    In just its second year of operation, Imagine High School in Chilliwack, British Columbia is already impacting how students learn. Retrofitting an existing structure with the key objective of optimizing learning integration through design.

    Learning is Everywhere: Thinking Outside the Classroom

    In 2020, Huntsville School was facing a challenge. With a new school building nearing completion, and a desire to ensure the ...

    When It Comes to Student Outcomes, Does Class Size Matter?

    Classroom size has been a hot topic recently as schools face record-breaking enrollment numbers. As schools brace for more ...

    Empowering Learners Through Student-Centered Design

    As technologies have advanced, so too have the innovative ways in which students learn. Gone are the days of reading from a ...

    Creating Flexible Learning Environments Where Students Can Succeed

    It used to be that prior to the age of 18, young people would spend half their lives in school. These days, classrooms have ...

    Thank you, Educators! 

    This year more than ever, we are so thankful for the outstanding work of our education community. The pandemic is finally ...

    How to Use Learning Styles to Set Students Up for Success

    Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Do you notice that you have preferred ways of intaking information, ...

    Everything You Need to Know About Cyberbullying

    It is Mental Health Awareness month, so we thought it timely to visit one of the complex mental health issues that many ...

    Sensory Processing Issues in the Classroom 101

    Imagine sitting outside in a quiet area when suddenly a truck drives by with its stereo blasting, then a dog runs up to you ...

    Top Interior Design Trends for the 2022 Classroom 

    Student engagement ranks at the top of the list as the most common pain point in education today. Motivating students and ...


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