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Offices give staff a private space to work and meet when needed. Certain staff members will still need private and quiet places to work all or some of the time. Private and semi-private offices give team members a separate space to work and discuss topics. These offices can range in options and are completely flexible and customizable to the users in them, ensuring they are supported to do their best work.

offices dual purpose


Dual-purpose offices provide meaningful space for managers to have a touch-down space and meeting with their team either in-person or by video. All the right functionality within the space of a standard office. They allow for individual heads-down work, or a small team to work together in a private area. 



Semi-private offices allow two or more staff to use a space at the same time, or to have a permanent and private desk while in the office. The shared space can be for staff who often collaborate, or rotated for a Hybrid Office while still giving a private workspace to the user while in the office.

offices semi
corporate office flexible



Private offices remain a necessity to accommodate professions and workplace cultures that demand a high degree of focus or privacy. Modern private office furniture incorporates the latest technological advancements and contemporary design trends including popular sit-to-stand workstations, thoughtful cable management systems, and environmentally conscious manufacturing methods and finishes.


Flexible Meeting Space

Small private meeting spaces are great for team huddles, pitches, or project development. Creating small, fully equipped and acoustic rooms give teams the space to brainstorm, work on a project who might not normally sit together, or idea generate without disturbing other workers in the office. 


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