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    Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle When Working in an Office

    Post by CDI Spaces
    August 18, 2021
    Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle When Working in an Office

    How Health and Work Feed off Each Other

    Since the modern worker now spends more than eight hours a day, sitting and now even standing in the office, it only makes sense to strike a harmony between health and work. So often now, people are wearing the badge of a workaholic as proudly as they wear their favourite work outfit. Health, in its own right, has been seen as a separate entity and outside of the normal work conversation – when, in fact, it should be front and centre. Employees that eat, move and practice sleep strategies are key to a healthy office and workforce. Healthy employees are happy employees – and studies show that happy employees are productive employees.


    Are you done with Julie from accounting not holding the elevator door in the morning? Beat her at her own game. Show up early and get into the habit of taking the stairs for some extra exercise – not to mention, reap the benefits of beating Julie to the punch. When it comes to workplace challenges, the morning rush might not always be on your top priority list, but your deadlines are certainly first and foremost. That’s why exercise needs to be part of your daily routine – instead of being the first thing sacrificed when it comes to meeting timelines. Start incorporating time for yourself from simply adding more time to your morning commute and walking to work – or taking lunch off and getting some sweat on at the new spin cycle studio that just opened up!

    “Taking time for health and fitness is one of the things I make as a priority,” explains Matt Salucop, Marketing Manager for CDI Spaces. “From weight and cardio training, to recreational sports, to yoga, staying active helps lift my mood with some endorphins and unwind after productive days at the office.”


    Making time for exercise also means making time to plan for what you eat during your workday. Not to mention, have you checked your credit card bill lately? Those extravagant lunch dates are hard on both your waist and your wallet. Plan ahead and make your lunch from home – sprinkle in some meat or plant protein, add greens for lunch, and keep an eye on snack intake. Before you know it, that trip to Greece next year might happen!

    Promoting a culture of wellness is not easy, and is an ongoing effort that requires a dedicated approach. Eating well at work can be time-consuming for many employees and a burden when it comes to planning lunches. Since convenience plays a significant role in our nutritional choices, individuals in charge of workspace planning and employee perks can help shape a healthy office environment by encouraging positive and healthy eating habits. Offer quick snacks from veggie dips to trail mix and help your employees make the right choice. Plus, watch them successfully navigate that usual food coma after a sushi lunch – and tackle that new project!

    Take Care of Yourself

    Sleep is one strategy for staying healthy. A recent report out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that sleep, or lack of it, is becoming a serious trend as an important health and safety concern at work. Inadequate sleep increases the risk for a variety of acute and chronic conditions – from obesity to diabetes and also heart disease. Healthy sleep practices are essential for staying on top of work responsibilities. Successful sleepers, from billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, state that they need at least seven hours of sleep to be creative.

    Job-related emotional exhaustion, otherwise known as burnout, is a real thing. Research shows that having less than six hours of sleep per night is a major risk factor for burnout. It causes fatigue issues, decreases motivation, and leaves you open and prone to errors. Find the optimal sleep routine that works best for you, and add it to your new habit of exercise and nutrition. It will do wonders for you.

    Moving, eating, and sleeping make for simple and easy solutions to create harmony between your health and your work environment. Employees who use exercise, nutrition and proper sleep routines care about a healthy lifestyle. Make it easy for them with a culture of wellness and make your office healthy and happy.

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