Top 5 Corporate Flexible Home Office Furniture Solutions for 2021

The past year’s events changed the way we work; our offices are beginning to look much different than they did this time last year. Corporate offices still need to function and be flexible for employees no matter the location, while still meeting the needs for office workers to get value and function out of their workspace. Agile workspaces continue to be on the rise as organizations look for ways to accommodate in the “new normal” era. CDI Spaces has been evolving with these dynamic methods of working over the years, and we have dedicated ourselves to researching and understanding what motivates employees in a fresh space. We recently sat down with Derek Burrowes, our dynamic Corporate Furniture Specialist, to pull together a list of our top 5 most exciting office products that have been shown to increase focus and productivity.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

John F. Kennedy

Artopex Millie Desk

This height adjustable desk with casters will allow you to vary your position throughout the day. Thanks to the integrated pneumatic adjustment system, the surface can reach a height of 43 ½”. Sitting or standing, your workspace ergonomics will be optimized to their full potential with Millie.

HON Home Office Designer

It’s important that you have the right pieces to equip you at home, for the best functional yet inspirational space. With Hon’s unique furniture standards program, it allows us to customize your entire space to make it adaptable, flexible, and resilient to suit your needs.

Workspace48 Home Office

The Agile sit stand desk allows flexibility options for the home office. For the ones who want to move around while thinking, this adjustable desk allows you to take your work up a level, with the press of a button. In addition to mobility, this solution boasts lockable storage options as well as electrical for easy connectivity to and from the office.

ESI Motific Height Adjustable Laptop Table

As phones, tablets and laptops become personal accessories for mobile work and life, a workspace that seamlessly accommodates digital devices is imperative. The Motific mobile tech table provides users the ability to move through their days, from workstation to third space, connected to digital technology. This lightweight and easy-to-move table offers a sturdy design that can support users work gear.

Turn Your Desk Into A Sit-Stand

Esi’s Lotus RT -2 workstation boasts Smooth Lift technology with easy dial weight adjustment allowing users to transform their workspace into a flexible one. With clamp mounts adhering to their worksurface and adjustable accessories, moving your screens into ideal positioning has never been easier. Complete with a 4-pivot point design, the gas spring arm is able to move 90 degrees in each direction.

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