Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with a Desk Job

The modern worker cares about their workspace – key perks might include open plan designs and unconventional breakout spots, or consciously syncing it with a healthy lifestyle. They want to work for companies that care more than just staying competitive in their industry – they want to work for companies that also care about keeping their workers healthy and productive.

Take a Break

Since we are arriving early and staying late at the office, it only makes sense to make sure we are scheduling a time for breaks during the day. Of course, there will be days when your deadlines require working through lunch – but that should be an exception and not the norm. Taking breaks every hour or so also helps keep the mind fresh and active, instead of sluggish and tired.

“I like to give my body a break from sitting – and move, fidget or stretch often,” explains Matt Salucop, Marketing Manager for CDI Spaces. “Making time to get away from my desk also creates the advantage of collaborating with colleagues who are also stretching their thoughts and legs.”

Consider a Standing Desk or Backless Chair

Speaking of getting up to move or stretch – it also does wonders for your heart! A recent study from the British medical journal stated that an hour of daily exercise played a part in eliminating the increased risk of heart disease, stroke or other chronic health problems associated with sitting for eight hours a day.

Optimizing workstations for different types of work, from furniture that moves or adjustable heights for standing desks – not to mention backless chairs – can promote healthy activity and encourage flexible movement.

Bring a Lunch

Scheduling time for exercise is one way to keep a healthy lifestyle, but planning ahead for what you eat during your workday is also key for staying healthy at work. Start the day right with a wholesome breakfast, add greens for lunch, and keep an eye on snack intake – plus stay hydrated with lots of water.

Work to Reduce Stress

Prioritizing and normalizing staff health should be just as important as the bottom line for any modern business. Encourage your team to move, fidget or stretch, and supply them with the right resources to make their days easier – and watch the reduction in stress create a surge of productivity for that same bottom line.

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