5 Must-have Furniture Products for the Classroom

Choosing the right furniture for the classroom can be a challenge. With such a broad range of products on the market, you may find yourself asking, ‘where do I start?’ Which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top five furniture products for today’s diverse classroom.

1. Zuma Series Rocking Chairs

Learning environments have undergone massive changes in recent years. Perhaps most notable is the rejection of the outdated mantra: ‘sit still and listen.’ Of course, students are still expected to pay attention, but it’s well understood that in order to do so, many actually need to fidget or move around.

Taking this into consideration, chairs that encourage movement are gaining popularity. The Zuma Rocker offers support while allowing for gentle gliding – ensuring students who need to can move without disrupting a lesson.

2. Virco 4000 Half Moon Guided Reading Table (with adjustable legs)

Half moon classroom tables were created with small group instruction in mind. Featuring a small nook for the teacher, plus ample arm room for a handful of students, the table encourages hands-on teaching and collaboration.

As with most Virco products, the half moon shape can be used on its own or easily combined with additional tables to form other shapes and configurations.

3. Zuma Series Standing School Desk (with hard plastic top and adjustable legs)

Health professionals and interior designers have been touting the benefits of standing desks in the office for years now. It’s no surprise then, that we’re seeing the trend seep into the classroom.

These flexible desks offer workers and students alike the mental and physical stimulus necessary to stay focused and on task. Plus stand-up meetings have been said to trigger more engagement from participants – leading to increased learning opportunities for the students.

The Zuma standing desks are perfectly suited to individual or group work since they can act as a single workstation or be placed together for a larger surface area.

4. Zuma Series Stacking Cantilever Chair

Space comes at a premium in any school setting. As such, stackable chairs may be necessary for the classroom. The stacking cantilever chair answers the need for easy storage while still offering ergonomic support for the students. This flexible, yet durable, seating option gives students extra plasticity in the backrest, providing a higher level of comfort for extended periods of seated work.

5. Leaf Shaped Table

Far from the one-size-fits-all layout of the past, the modern classroom boasts diversity and choice for students to enjoy. Virco’s leaf-shaped table offers a great solution for dynamic learning environments. A single table can easily serve one or two students. When nested together, these tables can create a multitude of creative patterns for any task.

As with any classroom furniture we suggest, each of these pieces is crafted with safety, quality, durability, and value as top priorities.

If you’ve got any questions about these or any other products, reach out to one of our knowledgeable and experienced consultants today.

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