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Student Areas

Transforming Your Learning and Working Environment with Furniture Design

Student Areas

Learning and idea-sharing extends past the classroom. Students need spaces to work, meet in groups, study, and relax. Many of these spaces can be utilized in non-traditional settings. In-between spaces are flexible and dynamic beyond a restrictive library. What is more classic than students studying outside.

student area in-between space

In-Between Spaces

Under-utilized in-between spaces can become flexible and beneficial learning areas for individuals and groups. Leveraging these areas is easy if you allow students to adapt these multipurpose learning environments to their needs, such as study areas or spontaneous idea-sharing gatherings. 


Collision Space

Informal collision spaces with comfortable furniture, ample power supply, and classroom-style amenities offer students versatile areas to engage in group work or class prep. Furniture pieces are easy to move, allowing people to set up the spaces as they see fit.

Student area collision space
Student area outdoor seating


Outdoor Seating

Comfortable and inviting outdoor furniture encourages students and staff to make the most of outdoor spaces all year round. Lightweight and durable materials are built to last in a variable four-season climate and function in all weather conditions.

Technology Integration

Digital Learning

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