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Staff, Admin, Faculty

Transforming Your Learning and Working Environment with Furniture Design

Staff, Admin, Faculty

Staff spaces are dynamic and used in a multitude of ways. Not only are they designed for the staff working in them to give them the best tools to be productive and happy in the space, but they also need to fit the needs of students meeting in the spaces.

Staff, faculty Reception area

First Impressions

Reception Areas

Reception and lobby areas create a first impression of the space. They need to create a welcoming atmosphere, a comfortable place to wait or meet, and be easy to find and navigate for help. They can be the first experience for a visitor that sets the impression for an entire school or faculty.

Promote Movement


Workspaces are vital in creating a positive user experience. Often, they are very dynamic and multifunctional for a variety of settings; a space for staff to work independently to get tasks done, meet with other staff to work on projects, or a private area to meet with students. They are designed for a great user experience as the use changes.  

faculty workspace
Staff, faculty conference space
Student Centered Teacher

Conference Spaces

Meeting and Conference spaces are designated areas to share ideas, reconnect in person, and provide an optimal setting to effectively collaborate. Table shapes, room set up, and seating for proper posture should be taken into account. Plug and play technology set up ensures users have what they need to connect and meet with remote workers or other campuses, eliminating stress and distraction.   

Technology Integration

Cafe, Lounge Spaces

Café and Lounge areas are important for workers to promote happiness and wellness during their workday. They provide a space to relax, reconnect, and recharge, as well as a break-out space or impromptu meeting space to share diverse and creative ideas and teambuilding.

faculty cafe space

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