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Learning Areas

Transforming Your Learning and Working Environment with Furniture Design

Learning Areas

The impact of technology on learning is significant; tablets are replacing textbooks and students can research just about anything they want on their smartphones. Our campus and classroom furniture plans are integrated with the technological needs of those who use the space!

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HyFlex Spaces

HyFlex classrooms blend a hybrid workstyle in the classroom. These courses take place both in-person and online, giving optimal flexibility to learners and materials. Classrooms need to be adaptable, fully plug and play, and complete with audiovisual elements to make them effective.


Classroom Spaces

Classrooms are multidimensional. Built with high-quality solutions that allow reconfiguration to suit the task and needs, such as instructor lead, lectures, exams, group work, and collaboration. Built-in power supplies and integrated technology and audiovisual elements.

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Lab Spaces

Lab rooms are highly specified for the specific course. To ensure optimal learning and efficiency they need purpose-built furniture solutions that seamlessly support the task at hand. Integrating the latest technological innovations, built in power supply, storage, and safety.

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