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Speciality Areas

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Speciality Areas

Schools transcend beyond the classroom. There are many spaces within the school that help elevate learning and support each learner in their specific way. These spaces evolve and innovate as tasks and needs change, leading to collaborative and spontaneous idea-sharing.

specialty area Makerspace

Makers Space

In a time when so much knowledge is consumed, a Makerspace gives children the opportunity to learn through exploration and creation. The space gives students the tools and materials needed to create, explore, tinker, invent, and move from consumption to creation for physical hands-on learning.


Specialized Labs

Curated and customized spaces, such as science and music labs, give students all the tools they need for a specified task in an appropriate setting. Science labs have unique needs, special equipment, and storage requirements to keep students safe and progress learning, while music labs need creative space, sound baffling, and technological integration to help students excel in their creative endeavors.

Specialty areas Labs
Specialty Areas Sensory Room


Sensory Areas

Sensory rooms are designed to be a calm place to help those with sensory sensitivities.  It supports students in learning to regulate their brain’s reaction to external stimuli by developing coping strategies and improve their focus. These rooms include lights, colors, sounds, sensory soft play, aromas, tactile surfaces, swings, and/or rockers.   The flexibility of the room should allow a student to reconfigure the space depending on their needs (movement, compression, smells).  It is meant as a peaceful multi-purpose room for a student who is dysregulated.


Gathering Space

Gathering, in-between, and cafeteria spaces are important in the school to create flexible, multi-use space allowing students and staff to adapt the areas as needed with creative and spontaneous work. 

specialty areas gathering area

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