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Student-Centered Classroom

Student-focused furniture solutions to ensure every learner is equipped to succeed and thrive.


The Student-Centered Classroom is a collaborative space where students are active participants in their education. They are creating and innovating, not simply memorizing, regurgitating, and forgetting. We build these environments with activity, inclusion, and action. The result is an inclusive space that adapts based on how each child uniquely and individually learns while meeting the criteria of the curriculum.
Flexible, one space

One Space - Many Possibilities

The modern classroom environment requires a flexible and agile physical setup that will accommodate both independent and group work; a place where students can learn in ways that make them feel comfortable and learn in their style.

Promote Movement

Learning In Motion

Movement furniture gives the student a gentle safe motion while limiting distractions and increasing safety. Engaging the core with gentle motion promotes blood flow which increases learning and focus.
promote movement furniture
freeing teachers from their desks

Student-Centered Teacher

Freeing Teachers From Their Desks

Many classrooms are still arranged with the teacher as the focus at the front. In the modern school environment, attention is given to the students as learners – they are the focus. If teachers can free themselves from their desks, suddenly opportunities for different forms of teaching and learning are increased with a more collaborative and happy approach for all.

Technology Integration

Digital Learning

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