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Innovative Furniture

We provide furniture solutions to equip young learners and school staff to excel in the classroom and beyond.

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We strive to ensure the learners and educators in the spaces we help you develop have what they need to succeed. Imagine a student, uninterested in school, who cannot sit still and disrupts the classroom. Given the correct tools and furniture to support them with gentle un-distracting movement will enhance the students’ experience and engage them in learning. What if they find a passion for a subject they did not have before, what does that mean for their lives going forward? We truly believe in Creating spaces. Transforming lives. Creating spaces for the next generation of learners and the educators supporting them.

This is my first experience with CDI and I was very happy with the ease of ordering, the good communication on delivery and fast and friendly set up of equipment ordered when it was delivered. A delight to work with!

Student-Centered Classroom

The Student-Centered Classroom is a collaborative space where students are active participants in their education. They are creating and innovating, not simply memorizing, regurgitating, and forgetting. We build these environments with activity, inclusion, and action. A space that includes all children and how they uniquely and individually learn and can adapt to meet the criteria of the curriculum.

Learning Commons

Learning Commons is the evolution of the library. With digital platforms, the Learning Common has evolved from a stationary library to be a flexible and adaptable place of discovery, innovation, and collaboration in sharing knowledge.


A Makerspace is the purpose and execution through learning. In a time when much knowledge is consumed, a Makerspace gives children the chance to explore and create. The space gives students the tools and materials needed to create, explore, and move from consumption to creation for physical learning.


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