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Transforming Your Working Environment with Furniture Design


Imagine an environment where collaboration and creativity thrive, where staff love to hang out every day, where productivity skyrockets and goals are exceeded time and time again. Workspace interiors have a vast impact on office success and that’s where CDI Spaces comes in. We provide the best office furniture and space planning solutions that adapt to your organization’s changing needs.

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Open Offices

Open concept offices are the new normal in the working world. Replacing rows of cubicles, open desks creates a dynamic space that feels more inclusive and collaborative. Creating zones for teams or tasks allows for ideas to be freely shared. For uninterrupted work, designing different spaces that teams or individuals to work is necessary, or create an individual desk for a sense of “separate but together”.


Individual Work Spaces

Individual desks, set up with everything staff need for focussed heads-down work like storage, sit stand desks, and ergonomic chairs to support the user ensure staff are equipped with what they need to be as productive as possible.

workstations individual work
workstations activity based


Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working is flexible and allows staff to move about and adjust as tasks and projects change. Flexible zones, small meeting spaces, or tables instead of individual desks allow collaborative and idea-generating teams to work together and not miss details while working side by side.


Private Work Spaces

Private works spaces such as phone booths allow team members to work uninterrupted and heads down. They signal to others they have a task or deadline to meet and not to be bothered. Phone booths can be either permanently build in, or flexible and moveable. They are built to be quiet for the user and the other team members seated around them and can be designed to be fully plug-and-play ready.

workstations private work

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