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Meeting & Conference Spaces

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Meeting & Conference Spaces

Good meeting spaces should enhance idea sharing and support the staff using them. They should be ready to use, so you maximize productivity and user experience in them. Supporting staff with comfortable seating, spaces to collaborate, and removing frustrations allows for ideas to be shared, topics to be raised, and everyone to enjoy using the space while bringing their best.

Meeting & Conference Spaces


Flexible Spaces

Meetings can happen anywhere, from something said in passing that leads to a new project or running into the right person at the right time. Giving spaces around the office for impromptu meetings, or conference calls allows for strong and diverse idea-sharing.


Conference Rooms

Comfortable seating options promote optimal posture and keep staff engaged. Meetings with remote participants are easy for organizers to set up and for attendees to connect to. Our team designs solutions that include seamless integration and intuitive access to the latest remote conferencing and presentation technologies. Our solutions keep your teams alert and focused on the task at hand.

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Small Meeting Spaces

Small meeting rooms for two or three people. Use soft seating instead of a standard table for a different posture and relaxed conversations. This allows for a comfortable space to meet, everyone feels supported discussing a new topic or idea while bringing their best.


Personal Meeting Spaces

Personal or private meeting spaces can be for heads-down work, quiet sales calls, or important one-on-one meetings. They remove barriers of a traditional office and can be very flexible. Phone booths are designed for private meetings, can be movable or permanent, and can be fully plug and play ready for any tech needs.

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