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Hybrid Working

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Hybrid Working

A hybrid workplace, or hybrid office, is a flexible workplace model that is designed to support a  distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers. Merging and blurring of the aspects of work and home in each place.

hybrid workstations


Work Stations

Work stations in a hybrid office can be anything from hot desks where staff choose a desk for the day, or while working on a project in proximity to others, or individually assigned desks where they permanently sit and store their belongings. The fundamental principle of a hybrid office is flexibility.


Storage Solutions

Storage solutions are pivotal in a hybrid office. Giving staff a sense of peace knowing their personal belongings are secure while not in the office, and having everything they need ready when they return is important. And even while moving around the office to work in different zones. Being able to flexibly work and pick up and move is necessary for wellbeing and productivity.

hybrid storage
hybrid comfortable seating


Comfortable Seating

Hybrid working is all about flexibility and giving staff a space to feel comfortable to work as they require and tasks change. Having a comfortable space that gives flexible options like comfortable seating for lounging, or impromptu meetings allows creativity to flow at all times of the day.


Private Meeting Space

Private workspaces or small meeting spaces are a very easy first step to transitioning your office to a Hybrid Office. Having a separate closed space allows for uninterrupted work, a great bridge from home to office working, and allows for quiet calls, or small meeting groups to reduce numbers. Many of the options to add to your office are movable and adaptable to your specific needs.

hybrid private meeting

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