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Work Lounge, Cafes & In-Between

Transforming Your Working Environment with Furniture Design

Work Lounge, Cafes & In-Between

Utilizing all square footage of your office space, in-between spaces give staff a space to recharge, have small meetings, and ultimately are flexible to suit the office needs at any given moment.

in between cafe


Cafe Space

Well-designed cafe spaces make a strong statement about your company’s culture. They are the heart of your workplace and the ultimate in-between space. The right mix of productive soft seating and hospitality-inspired furnishings helps to attract and retain staff and encourage team bonding and collaboration.


Lounge Seating

Lounge seating can incorporate benches and tables, giving staff a quiet place to eat lunch and recharge with a homey feel. It also gives a flexible space for small meetings, one on ones, and spontaneous idea-sharing. It is a great element to build company culture and inclusion in your office.

in between lounge
in between flex


Flex Area

Soft seating elements can be moved and adjusted as needed. Slide pieces around for a comfortable presentation or staff meeting, create a lounge space to relax, a place to meet quickly, or take a phone call. It is the ultimate flex space to utilize all square footage of your floor plan.


In-between Space

The strongest and most effective teamwork often happens away from set workstations and outside of formal meetings. Thoughtfully designed in-between spaces provide team members with a respite from the daily grind, creating an environment for individuals to engage in spontaneous collaboration and the free flow of ideas in an informal, relaxed, and inspiring setting.

Work Lounge

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