Community Impact

CDI Spaces is proud to partner with Variety - the Children's Charity of Alberta (Variety Alberta). Through community initiatives, partnerships, and education, Variety Alberta enables inclusion, wellness, and independence for children who are facing physical, developmental, emotional, or learning challenges. Empowering children to learn and grow in a supportive environment is at the heart of why we do what we do at CDI Spaces.

We have a passion for creating student-centered classrooms and giving all children the ability to learn and succeed in an environment that supports them; this is why our partnership with Variety Alberta is a natural fit. Our purpose is, “Creating Spaces. Transforming Lives.” What better way to transform lives than impacting children in our community and ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed and live life to its fullest!

“We decided to partner with Variety because we are passionate about providing children resources that can empower them to participate in life experiences in their own way and with as little obstacles as possible.” – Kelvin Devenish, Founder, and CEO

Programs we are Currently Supporting

We have chosen two specific programs with Variety AB that we believe fit our goals and maximize how we can give back to the community. These programs may evolve in the future, as we add more donations we will scale to ensure we are helping as many as we possibly can. Please follow along to check in on our progress!

Just Like You

The first program is the Just Like You Education Program which raises awareness and increases understanding and acceptance of people who are living with disabilities. This program addresses the need to support a culture of inclusion, where all children and community members, regardless of ability or specialized need, are accepted and celebrated and are positioned to succeed and achieve their own victories. Helps children have a greater understanding of the potential of people with all types of disabilities. The program also helps children have a greater understanding of the potential people with all types of disabilities have. And provides opportunities for children to talk about bullying and why children who may look or act differently want to play and have friends just like everybody else.

Sensory Backpack Program

The second program we are supporting is the Sensory Backpack Program. This program helps manage the sensory bombardment children experience when going on outings, and helps to reduce the stress of parents knowing they will have support where they are going. The program also helps the child focus on parental cues with having excessive stimuli reduced in aid to reduce the frequency and intensity of behaviours that are often triggered by sensory overload (i.e. arm flapping; yelling; laying on the ground kicking; throwing things etc.). Making outings more enjoyable and positive for both the child and their family, while increasing the likelihood that the child and family will participate in more outings from daily routines to fun activities.

To date we have donate $450! Follow along to track our progress and see how many lives are impaced!

Accessibility and Movement Furniture Products

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Zuma Hexagon Desk

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