Our Work

We specialize in furniture and space planning solutions across Alberta.

Furniture Solutions for Every Generation

We draw from decades of experience and continual research to understand how people work, learn, and collaborate throughout each phase of their growth and development. We furnish spaces that are future-flexible that they can remain functional for years. Our spaces embrace technology, increase productivity, and make people feel good about being in them.

Industries We Serve

We provide furniture solutions for all types and sizes of spaces. Over the years we have worked with clients like NAIT delivering campus furniture solutions to clients like Procura who needed their workspace to double as a stunning show suite.


Best Practices and Knowledge Sharing

As workplaces constantly evolve with the changing way that people learn, teach, and work, we often draw from our experience working with one industry to arrive at unique solutions for another. This comprehensive view on how people use spaces, allows us to deliver exceptional solutions to our clients; this is exemplified here: