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There Has Been A Massive Paradigm Shift In The Classroom.

Today’s students are an entirely new generation of completely digital learners. They approach learning differently than any other previous generation.  They have a multi-tasking approach. Fifty years ago, learning was more sequential. Now, these learners are multi-tasking all the time between different applications, so the classroom needs to multi-task as well.

The Roles of Students, Parents, and Teachers Have Changed Dramatically.

These days, a teacher facilitates, guides, and encourages students in their pursuit of self-discovery, knowledge, and encourages them to drive their own learning. There is more integration between the parents and the whole education process than ever before. Today’s students are the most sophisticated generation of learners we have ever seen; they are more technologically and socially advanced and are the most demanding of any learner before.

Society’s Digital Transformation Has Completely Revolutionized the Way Humans Learn and Communicate.

Think about the impact of access to instant information. Students are used to having everything instantaneously and if there’s a delay in the information flow, they will stop. There must be more movement and action in the classroom in order keep the learner engaged.

The Classroom is Changing.

Traditional vs. Student-Centred Classroom

In the 1900’s, the classroom was considered a learning factory. It was basically an assembly line where students came into the institution and were taught while sitting in rows and columns of chairs.

There was no variation in the individual student’s participation and the focus was like a production line. This is very different than the education experience being focused on the individual student. Rather, it was focused on the collective outcome.

The Classroom is Changing.

Creating a New Generation of Digital Learners

Society’s digital transformation has changed the way we learn. Today’s students approach learning differently than any other previous generation.

Fifty years ago, learning was more sequential. Now, learners are constantly multi-tasking between different applications, which means the classroom needs to multi-task as well.

Digital Learners

Social Media Behaviour

YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat are being most used by teenagers. Facebook is less popular among teenagers, while YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat usage is going through the roof. 85% of teens say they use YouTube, 72% say they use Instagram. Teenagers are used to and prefer an environment based upon instantaneous gratification.

The key pre-requisite for this generation is in the presentation of information. They are used to receiving functional and state of the art data. We need to create an environment that is conducive to these learners, not the learners of two generations ago.

Today’s teenagers spend two-thirds of their day online, either watching videos, listening to music, or on social media. Eight to ten-year old’s will spend 5 to 5.5 hours per day online listening to music and this trend is going up. This also means the classroom must change.

Digital Learners

Learning in a Digital Age

Think about the impact of instant access to information. Students are used to having everything instantaneously and if there’s a delay in that information flow they will stop learning. There must be more movement and action in the classroom to keep the learner engaged.

The other difference between this generation and previous ones is that they are cooperators. Social media is all about collaboration and sharing. Today’s learners want to work together. In the past, the goal of education was to keep the students apart and quiet. This generation wants to converse and share their thought processes and the classroom should be designed to help them collaborate as they learn.

Learning Zones

Designing the Student-Centred Classroom

The biggest objection that we hear adopting the Student Centered Classroom approach is, “Our classrooms are small. We have 30 students. How can we separate our class into sections?"

Changing the physical layout of the classroom to a balanced learning environment empowers students by not only recognizing their individual learning and communication styles but also supports the flexible teaching styles being used by educators across Alberta.

We can help your school maximize their space. We can also make recommendations on the exact furniture that will fit your teaching style best.

The Roles Have Changed

The Self-Aware Student

Traditionally, the teacher controlled everything and the student sat there trying the stay awake. As a result, there was a complete lack of individuality at the center of the learning environment. When students walked through the door of the classroom, they were expected to sit rigid in their chairs, pay attention, and not be a distraction to the other students. Overall this whole “factory” scheme of education, and the goal of consistency, was to improve the overall academic standard of the institution at the expense of the individual.

In a Student-Centered Classroom, the learners have the obligation, responsibility, and the opportunity to choose the topics they’re interested in learning about. Much of today’s learning is self-directed, instead of a generalized message being broadcast from the teacher the class.

The Roles Have Changed

The Growth-Minded Teacher

A growth mindset teacher is someone who facilitates, guides, and encourages students in their pursuit of self-discovery and knowledge and encourages them to drive their own learning. The teacher’s responsibility isn’t to solely administer a generic curriculum, but to create practical learning environments using real-world problems that the students solve. A growth mindset teacher is focused on technology and embraces it as part of the learning curriculum.

The Roles Have Changed

The Engaged Parent

Years ago, Mom and Dad were simply aware. They received report cards in the mail and usually only heard from the teacher on two occasions; a disciplinary issue or an exceptionally outstanding academic achievement.

Today, the parent’s role is more deeply integrated. They are involved online, personally engaged, and more likely to know what’s going on in the classroom. They know the status of every student’s assignment, are notified via email about performance and alerted via text about school problems and disruptions.

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Are you a teacher is eager to change your classroom? Why not conduct a pilot project? Analyze the results and present your results. We can help you with the classroom design and provide suggestions for best practices.


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We can suggest some key pieces to help you get started. Rocker chairs, balance stools, and adjustable-height desks are a great place to start. You will see results in your classroom immediately!


Building Support For Your Cause

We believe in the value of a Student-Centered Classroom. We encourage the collaboration of parents, teachers, and students to achieve the optimal learning experience for all.

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