Every Space Is A Learning Space

In-Between Spaces

The Power Of In-Between Spaces

Take Advantage Of Underutilized Spaces

We believe that learning shouldn't just happen in the classroom or the learning commons. In between those key areas you find lounges, hallways, and other informal areas that can and should be used for much more than just a way for students to move from A to B. And thanks to advances in technology, students now have access to information anywhere, meaning learning is no longer tethered to a desk or even a certain space.

Those In-between spaces can now become flexible, beneficial learning areas for individuals and groups that take advantage of valuable school real estate that would otherwise sit empty or underutilized.

Leveraging these areas is easy if you give students and faculty a way to turn them into multipurpose learning environments that can be adapted to their needs.

Flexible & Adaptable

Flexible Seating Areas

When developing in-between spaces it is important to provide students and faculty members with a palette of seating options so they can choose the setting and ergonomic support which best suits their learning needs at any given time.

For example, standing height tables make it easy for people to approach and engage with others in a more casual, short-term manner whereas lounge seating suggests a longer stay with more focused aims.

in-between spaces

Give Power To The People

Spaces For All Types Of Learning

Allow students to take some measure of control over how they will use these in-between spaces and give them the ability to position furniture to their liking.

Offer spaces that work for both collaborative and solo study to support students as they work in groups, pairs and individually.

Bring People Together

Encourage Collaborative Learning

Encourage collaboration by adding whiteboards, moveable chairs, seating that nests, and comfortable lounge seating to let users set up quickly for the work at hand and allow them to make the space their own.

Bring Power To The People

Power-Up Tech Loving Students

Bring power to the people by allowing students to plug and play through implementing furniture with built-in power charging abilities.

Providing students with various places to charge their devices and share information can make spaces that are more functional and meet students’ needs.


Discover. Design. Deliver



We have a unique outcome-based approach that we call our “3D” philosophy. We define the outcome you would like to achieve and then determine the actions required to achieve it.



We consider design a hands-on partnership. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.



Our clients are supported by a dedicated project management team and receive regular updates on the progress of the project. We are here for you each step of the way.

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Every day, CDI Spaces works with Educators in Alberta to find the best plans and furnishings possible to bring our schools into the 21st century. Our focus is on creating Student Centered Classrooms, where students, parents and teachers collaborate to encourage the best learning experience possible. You can browse and download our full educational furniture catalogue here.

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How Can CDI Spaces Help You?

Let’s have a brainstorming session to Discover what you want to accomplish for your classroom or business. This is the first D in our process. We will figure out what your purpose is, what your goals are, and analyze the space plan for your space. A walkthrough of your space would be a very helpful tool in this process as well.

Then, your CDI Spaces team will come back with some ideas, and we will discuss the options together. If you need a budgetary quote on some items, we would be delighted to do that for you as well.

If you like, we can also schedule an time to take you on a site visit to show you some of our current projects. We also really recommend a visit to our design centre, which would be very helpful in understanding new trends and technology.