Keep Your Staff Happy

Inviting & Relaxing School Staff Areas

Staff Area Furniture & Interiors

Rewarding Areas For Teachers

Create a rewarding area for your teachers and staff with an environment that facilitates their best productivity. Having an inviting, spacious area where teachers and other staff members can relax and unwind is just as vital when it comes to keeping them motivated and inspired.

Flexible & Adaptable

A Quiet, Flexible Space

The school staff room is no longer just a place where teachers go during lunch. It is now a flexible, communal place to work undistracted away from students, an escape away from noisy corridors, a change of scene, a break-out area, a library to store essential documents, and a place to hold meetings.

A Variety Of Settings

Private & Open Workstations

Contemporary open workstations balance visual and acoustic privacy with collaboration, creativity, and
functional design. Modern private work spaces are built using the latest modular construction methods
providing areas for focused work in an acoustically sealed area without isolating users from the rest of the office.

Appreciate Your Staff

Staff Meeting & Conference Rooms

Comfortable seating options promote optimal posture and keep staff engaged while seamless integration of
the latest remote conferencing and presentation technologies keep your teams connected.

Create A Retreat

Adaptable, Comfortable Furniture

A range of comfortable, colorful and contemporary breakout seating and tables create a perfect place for recess, informal discussions, or brainstorming; a retreat where teachers can be alone or gather in small groups to work, exchange ideas, or meet with parents.


Discover. Design. Deliver



We have a unique outcome-based approach that we call our “3D” philosophy. We define the outcome you would like to achieve and then determine the actions required to achieve it.



We consider design a hands-on partnership. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.



Our clients are supported by a dedicated project management team and receive regular updates on the progress of the project. We are here for you each step of the way.

Let's Get Started!

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