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Learning Commons

From Library To Learning Commons

21st Century Libraries

The library has typically been the seen as the academic heart of a school, but just as education is changing, so too is the role of the library into that of a learning commons.

A learning commons is a multi-dimensional space that promotes the personalization of learning, inquiry, and the integration of new technology. The space, a blend of physical and virtual environments, allows both teachers and a new generation of students to choose the appropriate space to facilitate different kinds of learning.

Flexible & Adaptable

One Space - Many Possibilities

The learning commons is both flexible and adaptable to the needs of individuals and groups, both small and large. It is an area where professional development, learning, and research may be nurtured, explored and analyzed by offering a variety of different seating options.

learning commons furniture and design services

A Variety Of Settings

Supports Both Individual & Group Learning

A well-designed learning commons allows for a wide range of learning options, from focused study with individual dedicated spaces to areas that support socially connected group learning and activities.

A successful learning commons is an energizing environment where students can engage in a diverse array of learning activities

Intergrated Technology

Incorporates Adaptable Technology

Technology-rich learning commons need to accommodate multiple uses such as active learning, computing, and distance learning with easy transitions for students and teachers.


Encourages Expression & Creation

Many learning commons are now also incorporating makerspaces. This exciting trend presents opportunities for hands-on learning and active student engagement through design, building, tinkering, and repurposing.

Creating a flexible, future-proof space that includes portable furniture to support new trends such as makerspaces is a must for a learning commons.


Discover. Design. Deliver



We have a unique outcome-based approach that we call our “3D” philosophy. We define the outcome you would like to achieve and then determine the actions required to achieve it.



We consider design a hands-on partnership. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.



Our clients are supported by a dedicated project management team and receive regular updates on the progress of the project. We are here for you each step of the way.

How Can CDI Spaces Help You?

Let’s have a brainstorming session to Discover what you want to accomplish for your classroom or business. This is the first D in our process. We will figure out what your purpose is, what your goals are, and analyze the space plan for your space. A walkthrough of your space would be a very helpful tool in this process as well.

Then, your CDI Spaces team will come back with some ideas, and we will discuss the options together. If you need a budgetary quote on some items, we would be delighted to do that for you as well.

If you like, we can also schedule an time to take you on a site visit to show you some of our current projects. We also really recommend a visit to our design centre, which would be very helpful in understanding new trends and technology.

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