Efficient and Flexible Modular Space Solutions

Give your space a new dimension with Sky

We provide modular space solutions centered around Sky architectural walls from Artopex. The possibilities are endless when your vision is combined with our expertise and the options available. Sky architectural walls are designed to create bright environments with superior acoustic performance that foster efficiency and collaboration in the most striking way.


Technologically integrated, beautifully functional.

Flexible, easily reconfigurable, and integrated with the latest technological components, Sky modular solutions create private offices and collaborative spaces with superior acoustic performance. Think of Sky as an architectural solution that will match your aspirations and grow with your evolving needs.


The flexibility of Sky architectural walls opens up endless creative possibilities by breaking down barriers and adapting to the unique architecture of any space.


Sky architectural walls allow light to penetrate but their acoustic properties prevent sound from being transmitted. It's the best of both worlds, inside and out.


Sky architectural walls keep pace with your company's evolution - modify existing configurations or take the walls with you to your next space.


With functional design features and the seamless integration of technology, you are always one click away from connecting to others.


Sky significantly reduce the amount of construction waste and their unique properties can contribute to LEED certification credits.


Floor to ceiling solutions.

Trust our team to collaborate you to arrive at the best solutions for your space, from the floor to ceiling, and everything in between. We are recognized as experts in long term space planning for your modular spaces and the furniture and technology that fills them. Contact us to begin your consultation.


Discover. Design. Deliver



We have a unique outcome-based approach that we call our “3D” philosophy. We define the outcome you would like to achieve and then determine the actions required to achieve it.



We consider design a hands-on partnership. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.



Our clients are supported by a dedicated project management team and receive regular updates on the progress of the project. We are here for you each step of the way.

How Can CDI Spaces Help You?

Let’s have a brainstorming session to Discover what you want to accomplish for your classroom or business. This is the first D in our process. We will figure out what your purpose is, what your goals are, and analyze the space plan for your space. A walkthrough of your space would be a very helpful tool in this process as well.

Then, your CDI Spaces team will come back with some ideas, and we will discuss the options together. If you need a budgetary quote on some items, we would be delighted to do that for you as well.

If you like, we can also schedule an time to take you on a site visit to show you some of our current projects. We also really recommend a visit to our design centre, which would be very helpful in understanding new trends and technology.

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