Open Offices

Open Concept Offices & Workspaces

Open concept office layouts create flexible working environments. Modern workstations need less dedicated space for large computer equipment and file storage thanks to advancements in technology. Spaces once used for IT equipment and file storage systems of days past can be reallocated to common areas for lounging and work.

Contemporary, Open Offices

A vibrant open office design demonstrates an innovative and collaborative workplace culture. Open format offices have increased in popularity as organizations grow and evolve to suit the demands of the 21st Century economy and a digitally-enabled workforce. Contemporary open workspaces balance visual and acoustic privacy with collaboration, creativity, and stunning design.

Spaces Designed For Culture to Thrive

Individual workspaces are designed with efficiency in mind and complemented with spacious common areas that benefit your whole team. These spaces include breakout rooms, collaboration zones, and in-between spaces that provide additional opportunities for ideas to organically flow and for your company’s culture to thrive.

Let's Talk Furniture and Space Design

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