Modular Wall Systems

Bright environments with superior acoustic performance.

Partitions that work for you

Modular office environments are a keystone of a future-flexible workplaces! We only use the best partition systems in our client projects and are proud to offer Falkbuilt Digital Component Construction for creating beautiful, high-performing, and cost-effective environments.

Floor to Ceiling Solutions

  • Flexibility: modular walls open up endless creative possibilities with adaptability to the unique architecture of any space.
  • Demountable: modular walls keep pace with your organization’s growth and change. Existing configurations can be modified, or you can take the walls with you to your next space.
  • Environment: modular walls reduce the amount of construction waste, and their properties can contribute to LEED certification credits.
  • Acoustics: modular walls allow light to penetrate, but their acoustic properties prevent sound from being transmitted.
  • Technology: modular walls allow for seamless integration of technology

Walk the Line of Smart Design

No project is complete without the latest on-trend flooring designs from a variety of acclaimed manufacturers. Thoughtful flooring choices transform the look and feel of any room, tying all furniture and modular wall solutions together to form a cohesive design package. Read more about CDI Flooring.