Office Furniture for Activity Based Working

The Next Major Innovation

Corporate Space Planning

A keystone of an agile workplace is the adoption of a non-assigned seating model where staff members transition from dedicated workstations to shared spaces that team members use as needed. The Agile Workspace is a smart option for organizations where:

  • a large portion of traditional assigned office space (whether open or private) is unused on any given day
  • a portion of the workforce is in the field (e.g. sales calls, offsite meetings, etc.)
  • priority is placed on optimizing the use of available workspace

A New Way of Working

Making the Transition

In some organizations, as much as 60 percent of desks sit unused every day. Moving to a more flexible shared space allows optimization of the use of space and accommodate more people in fewer square feet. Other benefits include:

  • Attracting and keeping talented employees: through the provision of comfortable furniture, collaborative work spaces, and recreation areas
  • A collaborative culture that produces better ideas: the provision of space that is meant to encourage collaboration can result in a spike in creative thinking and innovation
  •  Increases in productivity: happier employees work harder, are more engaged in their tasks, and produce better results