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At CDI Spaces we have the knowledge, expertise and dedicated resources to help create high-performance spaces that support the needs of today's diverse government workers in Edmonton. Our broad range of products and services can help government agencies create efficient work environments that are more flexible, technology-rich and multi-purpose.

Our 3D Approach

Step One: Discover

CDI Spaces has a unique outcome-based approach that we call our “3D” philosophy. We think in terms of the outcome you would like to achieve, and then determine the actions required to achieve it. Our 3D Approach requires three very different, and very important steps:

The first step in our 3D approach is “Discover.” In this step, we’re trying to understand your company’s purpose, goals, and the business outcome for that space.

  1. Are you more interested in brand affinity?
  2. Workplace efficiency?
  3. Are you trying to obtain the top talent?
  4. Are you just trying to improve culture and morale of the organization?

The Steps We Take

Our team needs to understand your answers to these questions as it helps determine the type of office furniture and associated accessories we recommend.

  1. What is your workplace flow and what are your employees doing in that particular space? Are you hot desking? Do you need storage? If so, what type and does it need to be personalized?
  2. Then, there’s the floor plan analysis. What furniture would work best, what are the unique aspects in each part of the office?
  3. There’s also the environmental analysis. What are the unique requirements of your space? What do we need to design around in your environment?
  4. Finally, we are always concerned about technology. Where do you need things such as power and USB outlets and where will the technology be used in the room?

Our 3D Approach

Step Two: Design

We consider design a hands-on partnership. There are designers who create a space solely for their personal taste, while others tend to over design a space. We’ll work together with you to create the best design possible. We balance creativity and functionality, ensuring we have the right mix.  Some of our clients want a high degree of design elements and some don’t. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.

  1. We consider design a hands-on partnership.  What we mean by that, is there are designers who create a design solely by for their personal taste, while others tend to over design a space. We’ll work together with you to create the best design possible.
  2. We try to balance creativity, ensuring we have the right mix.  Some of our clients want a high degree of design elements and some don’t. We want to make sure that the creative aspects are integrated as part of the design, but not at the expense of real-world functionality.  
  3. We want to future proof your office. It has to be functional now, but what happens when you need to add 12 more people to that particular space?  We want to make sure we’re using products that scale for the future and work 2, 3, or 4 years down the road.
  4. We also want to talk about “budgetary respect.”  We honestly want to know your budget and provide design solutions that maximize your spending and provide the highest level of value for that budget.
  1. We take the workers point of view.  We’re thinking about the office worker in that chair and what do they need on a daily basis to be successful.
  2. Then we ideate with you.  We share ideas as part of our hands-on partnership.
  3. We go back and forth and may have several drawings and revisions that we provide you. We move forward when we’ve tested and refined the ideas and both parties are happy. We try to protect you from making design mistakes and feel this one reason why our clients are long-term repeat buyers. In fact, over 90% of our clients are repeat buyers.

Our 3D Approach

Step Three: Deliver

CDI Spaces is committed to providing an easy and enjoyable delivery process. Our support and customer service does not end at installation. Let’s talk about how we help you before and after your furniture is set up.

  1. Before the installation, our clients have a dedicated project management team who will create an installation plan and have a schedule that we all sign off on. Our clients are provided with continuous project updates during this process of office creation. We also offer after-hours installation to provide minimal disruption of your environment. We understand that when people can’t work you’re not making money.
  2. Your CDI Spaces Installation team will do a complete installation of the moving parts. Many other companies will set up the main furniture and leave the employee to install the brackets and assemble the smaller pieces themselves whereas we ensure every little detail is taken care of. We ensure a complete installation, so everyone is satisfied.
  1. We worry about the technology integration. We’ll help you hook up the monitors and devices. We also will have one of our customer service agents do a functionality knowledge transfer with your users. We’ll stay in the office for half a day, walk around, and ensure any questions or outstanding issues are dealt with.  In essence, we want people to be empowered, know how the furniture works, and know all the functions.
  2. We have a 5-point installation sign off process. It is very important that every aspect of the installation is signed off. We send out a customer satisfaction survey to all of our customers and follow up with any issues .
  3. One last thing is we try to also make ourselves available for future change assistance. So, as you think about growing or moving, contact us very early in that process as we can help you with best practices and make some recommendations that will help save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

Meet Your Dedicated Team


CDI Spaces is not just a furniture company. We consider ourselves a best practices company, as well as a knowledge transfer company. Our team stays on top of the latest trends in the industry, we attend the most important conferences, and keep a pulse on what’s happening with in the space-planning and furnishing world. Because of our dedication to these best practices, CDI Spaces provides the best furniture solutions possible to our clients.

General Manager
Kelvin Devenish

Kelvin Devenish

Marketing Manager
Cara Henry

Cara Henry

HR Manager
Donloree Hoffman

Donloree Hoffman

Sales Support Team Lead
Brendon Devenish

Brendon Devenish

How Can CDI Spaces Help You?

Let’s have a brainstorming session to Discover what you want to accomplish for your classroom or business. This is the first "D" in our process. We will figure out what your purpose is, what your goals are, and analyze the space plan for your space. A walkthrough of your space would be a very helpful tool in this process as well.

After this, we will come back with some ideas, and we will discuss the options together. If you need a budgetary quote on some items, we would be delighted to do that for you as well.

If you like, we can also schedule a time to take you on a site visit to show you some of our current projects. We also recommend a visit to our design centre, which will help you understand new trends and technology.