Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Working From Home

With more employees transitioning to remote work each day, we’re witnessing a major shift in the way Albertans work. This is a monumental change and it is the first time our workforce is seeing anything like this. We’re exploring uncharted territory and are collectively experimenting and discovering new ways to work. Remote working and self-isolation can be an uncomfortable transition for some, but we’ve got you covered on some ways to make it a little more bearable.


Working from Home: Making it Work for Managers & Their Teams

Guest Post by: Eric D. Johnson, Senior Workplace Advisor, Allsteel

To call the atmosphere we’re all working in ‘chaotic’ feels a bit understated at this point. With an underlying concern about our own and our communities’ health, we’re also moving, literally overnight, into a place where working together is being discouraged and working from home is being considered the ‘new norm’. All this uncertainty and change can be really difficult to manage and get through successfully. So we hope these tips and best practices will help alleviate some of the stress and make it all a bit more manageable.


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle When Working in an Office

How Health and Work Feed off Each Other

Since the modern worker now spends more than eight hours a day, sitting and now even standing in the office, it only makes sense to strike a harmony between health and work. So often now, people are wearing the badge of a workaholic as proudly as they wear their favourite work outfit. Health, in its own right, has been seen as a separate entity and outside of the normal work conversation – when, in fact, it should be front and centre. Employees that eat, move and practice sleep strategies are key to a healthy office and workforce. Healthy employees are happy employees – and studies show that happy employees are productive employees.


The Pros and Cons of Standing Desks

Depending on the audience, you will most likely get different opinions on whether or not it’s worth it to invest in a standing desk. It’s a lasting fad that has been gaining momentum in favour of its benefits to overall wellness. Sitting down for more than eight hours a day – even as much as four hours a day – comes with its own risk of negatively affecting health, and in turn, your overall life expectancy. As emerging statistics cite sitting as one of the unhealthiest things to do at work, most businesses are open to the idea of keeping their workers healthy – and productive.


How Designing with the Right Colour Can Create Equal Learning Opportunities

When it comes to designing for higher education learning environments, a well-executed colour palette can enhance the absorption of information & facilitate the thinking process. The right colour, correct selection, and proper placement can all play a significant role in the feelings, attention, and behaviour of learning environments – as well as its in-between places.