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What is a Student-Centred Classroom?

The Student-Centred Classroom is a collaborative space where students are active participants in their education. They are creating and innovating, not simply memorizing, regurgitating, and forgetting. We build these environments with activity, inclusion, and action. The result is an inclusive space that adapts based on how each child uniquely and individually learns while meeting the criteria of the curriculum.

Allowing students to learn in the ways that best suit them, and freeing teachers to work creatively in the classroom, creates an optimal space for everyone. When everyone is focused and doing their best, everyone wins. Student-Centred Classrooms are a passion for us at CDI Spaces, we love knowing we are helping the classroom win and succeed and raising the next generations of leaders. These spaces do not have to be completely redesigned, we work with many classrooms to slowly evolve and update the space as required.

Why does furniture matter? Adaptable furniture solutions support the environment for Student-Centred Learning, supporting the learner, giving them the tools and equipment they need for the various tasks and types of study/ work, and encouraging space for each student to learn in their optimal way.

Soft seating ottomans, junior-sized chairs and couches create reading nooks and comfortable places for kids to retreat to. In the classroom, they allow flexibility for group or individual independent study while being a cozy comfortable space for students to relax and work. 

Movement furniture such as wobble stools and rocking chairs give students gentle or engaged movement while minimizing distraction to others and the potential for accidents. This keeps students attentive and engaged in learning. Activating the core increases blood flow which increases the learning process. They are a fantastic addition to any classroom space.

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