Top 5 Classroom Products of 2020

2020 has been a year of some big changes, but one thing has remained constant – the need for students and children to get the full value out of their education. Student learning is not a one size fits all model, and neither are classrooms. Over the last 30 years, CDI Spaces has been dedicated to providing educational and classroom furniture that supports the psychological findings behind child learning and development. We sat down with Craig Ward, our Classroom Consultant, to put together a list of our top five classroom products that have helped both students and teachers do their best over the last year.  

Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are a valuable addition to any classroom. Especially in a reality where students may be required to move around the classroom less than before, rocking chairs allow students the right amount of movement to keep them engaged and attentive. 

The body and mind are designed for dynamic movement. When rockers are in the classroom, the combination of gentle movement and flexible support helps children channel excess energy into classroom endeavors. The controlled back-and-forth motion helps the body settle down so the mind can tune in.- Craig Ward, Classroom Consultant, CDI Spaces 

Wobble Stool

Like the Rocking Chair, Wobble Stools provide an advanced layer of healthy movement in classrooms. For students who may need different motions apart from the rocking motion to stay alert, Wobble Stools provide 360 degrees of flexibility for movement in almost any direction or rotation.  

The Wobble Stool was made for the active learning environment. Ideal for group learning, the self-balancing stool promotes movement without leaving the seat. - Craig Ward, Classroom Consultant, CDI Spaces 

Stand-Up Desk

Stand-up desks have been proven a valuable asset in offices and corporate environments, and the same can be said for classrooms. Having the option of Stand-up desks in the back of a classroom not only give students the autonomy to move when needed. but to choose which method of learning will be most useful to them for a certain topic.  

Standing has proven to be an effective way to improve memory and focus, and research shows that classroom standing desks can also enhance cognitive skills and improve test scores. Students feel more alert when they're able to stand when they need to and this translates to improved focus in class.- Craig Ward, Classroom Consultant, CDI Spaces 

Dry-Erase Top Student Desk

Writing on paper can seem daunting and forebodingly permanent for students working through new topics. Dry-Erase top desks allow students to work through new topics, equations, and ideas while still allowing them the option to change their mind. These desks can go completely unnoticed in any classroom and can blend in with pre-existing desks in the classroom as well.   

Students love whiteboards and prefer to work on a whiteboard over paper any day of the week. The ability to write directly on the desk makes learning fun! Conjugating verbs, listening exercises, and writing exercises are more fun, engaging, and easy to monitor.” - Craig Ward, Classroom Consultant, CDI Spaces 

Dry-Erase Teacher Desk

Likewise, Dry-Erase Teacher Desks are a great alternative for helping students work through concepts one on one. While the thought of working through equations on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom may not appeal to some students, working on a desk rather than the front board may encourage students to be more adventurous and certain in showing their work.  

In the past, the teacher desk was a very authoritative area. In some classrooms we set up now, we put the mobile, crank height teacher desk in the middle of the classroom, and it becomes the hub of the classroom  now students can actually come up and work at the teacher desk. - Craig Ward, Classroom Consultant, CDI Spaces 

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