Thank You Teachers and School Staff!

What a year it has been, and especially for teachers. Moving a curriculum from online to in-class back and forth, almost monthly as it seems has not been an easy feat. Connecting and effectively teaching students while ensuring the safety of your classroom has been a challenge. Our hats go off to each of you, you have faced countless challenges, differing opinions about what to do and not to do, criticisms, and praise. Its been an emotional year, but we are so thankful, happy, and proud of what you have all accomplished this year, both personally as parents and professionally as your school furniture supplier.

Interacting with teachers and school staff through this unpredictable year, one major thing has stood out; the staff have not lost their spark and passion for the future generation. The conversations between you and our sales teams have been about improving students day to day lives, giving them the resources to excel and learn, and how we best keep everyone safe and happy.

We truly are so thankful for all of the effort you put in! It has been a hard and challenging time, at times feeling like your own health and safety might be on the line or overlooked. But you showed up for the challenge, proving the heart of the teacher's spirit, do what you can to impact the next generation!

Thank you again, teachers and school staff! We cannot wait to see what an impact this will leave on our students and children. We are sincerely grateful for all that you have done, and continue to do.